About Potável

Potável is a motion-enabled water purification device for developing countries, developed by Saltuk Karayalçın from Istanbul, Turkey. It purifies unsafe water collected from a water source two or more miles away. Its purification system kills bacteria, viruses, and algae while it is pushed or pulled home.

Potável has been designed in response to some identified needs: firstly, the need for water purifiers in developing countries; and secondly, the need for such devices to have a large distribution potential via non-government organisations such as WaterAid, CAFOD, and Water for Africa.

Potável is a maintenance-free, long lifespan, motion-enabled water purification device. It is the subject of a patent application, thanks to its approximately 99.7% effective UV-purification mechanism, non-pneumatic tyres, and custom fail-safe valve mechanism. Potável incorporates a 50L water capacity, a 40L carrier basket, and a fast purification rate of all 50L in less than two hours. Ergonomic design principles were applied to this healthy transportation system, whose materials and manufacture cost less than £40.

The device also incorporates two standard 6V/3W bottle dynamos, a 6V/4W UV-C light bulb, a custom fail-safe valve controlled by a printed circuit board, 26-inch non-pneumatic five-spoke wheels, two chambers, a dip-coated handle bar that also forms the rest bar, structural members, a simple tap, and a strategically placed LED showing the function of the product.


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